Glendale Community College

One of ten Maricopa Community Colleges, Glendale Community College provides a wide array of resources to the public.
The GCC Library has done a phenomenal job in compiling multiple guides and resources for researchers and educators.
The some of the resources referred to in the guides may have restricted access from the web.
Visit the library or one of the other Maricopa Colleges to explore these resources.

  • Background Information
    Fantastic for general information about the Holocaust, this is a great place to start if you are just being to teach on the Holocaust.
    You will find timelines, as well as how the Nazi Regime came to power.
  • Historical Books
    Looking for literature on the Holocaust? Books and eBooks that are available at the GCC Library
  • Literature, Art and Movies
    Many survivors and witnesses to the Holocaust as well as Holocaust Education supports have been compelled to tell their stories and perspectives on the Holocaust, you will find many well known and not so known authors, artists and film makers works here.
  • Primary Sources
    Here you will find links to other first hand resources

Jewish Community Library & Resource Center
Bureau of Jewish Education

The Jewish Community Library and Resources Center is open to the entire community. A large collection of works related to the Holocaust are housed at the center. You are able to access many resources online or you can go in person to the library where staff are happy to help.

The Bureau of Jewish Education also provides the only Educators’ Conference on the Holocaust in Arizona.

Ask An Educator

The Phoenix Holocaust Survivors’ Association has connected with local educators to create a network of volunteer experts to serve as guides to Holocaust resources for other educators seeking help with teaching on the Holocaust.
Through our Educator Guidance Forum, educators are able to connect to these experts to draw on their variety of Holocaust expertise to guide educators to resources, approaches, and materials to help achieve their learning outcomes.

View Ask An Educator

Survivor Stories

Local Survivors have provided stories of their lives before and after the Holocaust as well as bearing witness to the Holocaust and their survival.

View Local Survivor Stories stored on

Local Survivor interviews were conducted by the Phoenix Holocaust Survivors’ Association in affiliation with the Cline Library of Northern Arizona University as part of a project to document the testimonies of Holocaust survivors in the Phoenix, AZ area.
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum received a copies of the interviews in 1989.

View Local Survivor Stories Stored at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum