Telling Their Stories

Many Phoenix Holocaust Association members speak to audiences about their experiences and stories.  A sample of survivors’ stories can be viewed here.

If your school, community organization or religious organization wants to learn about the Holocaust, Phoenix Holocaust Association has several types of speakers to fit your needs. In addition to survivors, there are also descendants of Holocaust Survivors who offer personal accounts of the continuing impact of the Holocaust on their lives as well as recounting the stories of Survivors that are no longer with us.

The three types of speakers available for your program:

  • Survivors: experiences which include concentration camps, escape to other countries, those who hid in the woods or passed as Aryans
  • Child Survivors: children hidden during the War or sent on Kindertransport (organized child rescue effort), hid in the woods or were in a ghetto or camp
  • Descendants of Survivors: the continuing impact of the Holocaust and stories of survivors are no longer with us

If your group or organization is interested in having a speaker, please complete the Speaker Request form below.

PHA works with the Arizona Jewish Historical Society which has monthly presentations by survivors and descendants.  We suggest reviewing a few archived programs to help you determine the type of speaker most appropriate for your class or organization.
Link to survivor stories
Link to stories by children of survivors


“Many students learn about the Holocaust, but many believe everything ended in 1945.  Hearing a second or third generation survivor opens their eyes to the fact that 1945 was not the end, and what survivors experienced had a powerful impact on how they raised their children after WWII. These speakers provide moving testimony for how such a tragedy affects families for generations”.

Kim Klett
English teacher at Dobson High
Member of Regional Education Corps, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum