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Generations After (GA), founded in spring 2013, is the only Phoenix area group solely for children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors. Operating under the auspices of the Phoenix Holocaust Survivors’ Association, a not-for-profit organization, GA’s mission is: To embrace our legacy as descendants of Holocaust survivors, to support one another, and to contribute to tikkun olam,  repair of the world. 

Why Generations After Exists

There are many reasons children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors want to join together: Many survivors are already deceased and more pass away every day.  In a short time there will be no Holocaust survivors alive, no eyewitnesses to one of the most horrific episodes of inhumanity and genocide in modern times.  Their children and grandchildren wish to ensure that survivors’ experiences be remembered.

From our experiences with survivors we can teach present and future generations about intolerance and indifference, and inspire righteousness, resistance, resilience and hope.

How We Do it

GA is led by a Steering Committee of descendants of Holocaust survivors who are deeply committed to the success of the group.  To plan and execute GA functions, four working program committees have been established:  Education, Assistance to Survivors, Discussion/Support Groups, and Social Events.

GA is entirely run by volunteers.  Events and initiatives, therefore, require creative planning and generosity on the part of hard-working volunteers and community partners.  Suggested donations and fees may be required at some events to help offset expenses.  GA membership is open to any interested person.  Please consider supporting what GA is doing by becoming a paid member.  To join, complete a membership application here.

For any questions or additional information regarding Generations After contact:
Sheryl Bronkesh, Chair
480-792-6736  or email:

GA Tribute Cards

Honor someone special with a tribute gift to Generations After- Descendants of Holocaust Survivors.

With your donation, we will mail a tribute card to the recipient you designate. You will have an immediate and significant impact on the programs that educate our community about the Holocaust, support our members, assist our elderly Holocaust Survivors, and contribute to tikkun olam (repair of the world).

Celebrate the birth of a child, special milestones, marriages, and anniversaries with an honorary tribute gift. Memorialize a loved one or express your sympathy with a tribute gift.

Tribute gifts are entirely tax deductible.