The Shofar Zachor Award is given annually by the Phoenix Holocaust Association to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the teaching of the Holocaust and Genocide Awareness.

30th Anniversary Celebration

On March 22, 2015, Shofar Zachor winners over the past 20 plus years were honored at the March Cafe Europa in celebration of the Phoenix Holocaust Survivors’ Association’s 30th Anniversary.

Over the years, the recipients of the Shofar Zachor Award have made an impact in this state through the decades to keep the memory of the Shoah alive and to learn from its lessons – Survivors and their descendants; military liberators; teachers from middle school through college and also adults, community presentations; children’s theater plays; teacher training; journalism; continuing legal education; museum exhibits; and artistic representations.  Some recipients have gone on to make Holocaust education a life’s work, not only here in Arizona, but at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, throughout the country as well as other parts of the world.

Shofar Zachor Award recipients at the Phoenix Holocaust Survivors’ Association 30th Anniversary Celebration

Front Row, left to right: Magda Willinger, Kae Knight, Elaine Hirsch, Valerie Foster, Robert Sutz
Back Row, left to right: Steven Johnson, Paul Wieser, Bjorn Krondorfer, David Kader, Katie McFadzen, Ruth Callahan

Complete List of Recipients

2018 – Anthony Fusco (Educator)
2017 – Amy Drake, M.Ed., a teacher in the Chandler Unified School District. She was presented this award for her ongoing efforts that have developed the community’s knowledge, remembrance, and respect for the Shoah.
2016 – Anna Cichopek-Gajraj (Study of Holocaust at ASU and Understanding of the many roles of Polish and Slovakian people)
2015 – John Liffiton (Scottsdale Community College Genocide Awareness Week)
2014 – Steve Tepper (East Valley JCC’s Holocaust & Tolerance Museum’s Railcar Restoration Project)
2014 – Robert Sutz (Artist)
2013 – Ruth Callahan (Educator)
2012 – Steven Johnson (Educator)
2011 – Sheila Polk (Yavapai County Attorney)
2010 – Bjorn Krondorfer (Northern Arizona University’s Martin-Springer Institute)
2009 – Valerie Foster (Educator)
2008 – Barbara Hatch (Educator)
2007 – Ed Hermanski (Educator)
2007 – Carolyn Nathan, Z”L deceased (Sponsor of BJE’s conference for educators)
2005 – Kim Klett (Educator)
2004 – Peggy Peters (Educator)
2004 – Judy Peterson (Educator)
2004 – Nancy Stevenson (Librarian)
2002 – Beth Joice (Educator)
2001 – Pete Fredlake (Educator)
2000 – Katie McFadzen (Childsplay Theater)
1999 – David Kader (Second Generation/Educator)
1999 – Magda Willinger (Witness/Survivor)
1998 – Elaine Hirsch (BJE Community Library Coordinator)
1997 – Helen Handler (Witness/Survivor)
1996 – Harry and Ella Adler, z”l both deceased (Witness/Veteran and Survivor)
1995 – Brig. Gen. Scott Pleus, Luke AFB (American Military Liberators)
1994 – Paul Wieser (Educator and 2006 Anti-Defamation League’s Bearing Witness Program)
1993 – Anna Koenig, z”l deceased (Witness/Survivor)
1992 – Carl Ofisher, z”l deceased (Witness/Survivor)
1991 – Kae Knight (Educator)
1990 – Jeffery Platt, deceased (Educator)
1989 – Cameron Harper (Journalist)