Prompt Choices

-Your reaction to hearing testimony from a Holocaust survivor (in person, at your school, in the community, or from a testimony at USC Shoah Foundation’s IWitness website.)

-After attending the Holocaust by Bullets exhibition in Phoenix, your reaction to a story you learned about or to the overall history of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe

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Guidelines for Submissions for PHA Student Art and Writing Contest

Writing Category

This includes essays, short stories, poems, and playwriting.   All submissions must be typed, double-spaced, and mailed as a hard copy.  Essays may be 3-7 pages in length, short stories may be 3-10 pages in length, poems may be a minimum of 12 lines, and plays must be at least one full act.  All works should reflect one of the prompts, either a work based on a survivor’s testimony or based on the Holocaust by Bullets exhibit.  Please email your entry with the entry form to Work will not be returned.

Visual Arts Category

Works may include drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, crafts, architecture, photography, or film/video and should reflect one of the prompts, either based on a local survivor’s testimony or the Holocaust by Bullets exhibit.  Work must be submitted with the entry form by mail or in person to the Arizona Jewish Historical Society.  Please email to make an appointment for drop in person drop off.  Work will not be returned by mail, and must be picked up at the same location by June 1, 2021.

If art work is too large or if you are not able to bring it to AZJHS, you may submit a minimum of 2 photographs that clearly show your work, with a brief description (50-100 words) of the work (the materials used, your process in creating it, the dimensions, etc.).  If you have a 3-D work, you may also add a short video of the work, if you feel that will help judges see it better.

Performance Category

This category includes works meant to be performed in front of an audience, such as music, drama, or dance.  Submissions must be videos of the performance, not necessarily performed before an audience.  Videos must be clear both in audio and visual quality, and should be between 2-20 minutes in length.  Please submit with the entry form to


Submissions can be received between October 10, 2020, and March 15, 2021.

Print the entry form HERE and submit the completed form with your entry.

Awards Ceremony

Winners will be announced April 30, 2021.  An awards ceremony will be held at Arizona Jewish Historical Society on Sunday, May 16, 2021, if possible.   Efforts will be made to display all entries, as space and technologies permit at AZJHS.  If complications arise due to the pandemic, all events will be virtual.